Thursday, January 12, 2012

Does INDIA matter ?

I was going through an article in the newspaper where I was tickled by this-

“For Prime Minister’s job, honesty is the least requisite”

A kingdom is truly blessed to have a king who is honest.

But what if being honest is just not enough to ensure the well being of his subjects?

We are a nation of 1.1 billion people that corresponds to more than a billion problems.

We have nothing to do with the number of educational degrees and accolades won by

our leaders if none of these is benefiting the needy.

What we need is a dynamic leader who not only is an effective demagogue but also strives to help the impoverished no matter what it takes, address to the concerns of the common people and is not prejudiced when it comes to choose between the welfare of his people and prosperity of his coalition government.

We neither want an opposition party whose concerns for the nation are superficial and is burning most of its time and energy in humiliating the ruling party, raising issues in the parliament for vested interests which else could have been used to discuss the grave concerns India is grappling with.

The million dollar question is-

Whom to elect when everyone is in the same boat?

Some questions really do not have any definite answer.

Firstly I feel Indians should start reverse thinking. People in developed countries think about their contribution to country and society before thinking about family.

But what I think is that the young people in the country should try to contribute much more then what they are doing.They can be responsible for a much needed change in dynamics of Indian politics.They are ready to experiment, think of out of box solutions, commit to work and are free from the shackles of caste, creed and religion.

Every year lakhs of young guys and girls come out of colleges and take up IT jobs and end up spending 10 hours in front of a computer screen while others flock to foreign universities never to come back. Then they say their future is secured.

But just like our national security, no one can ever guarantee a safe future!

Eventually everyone ends up with a fat salary or prestigious degrees with no one to take the plunge of actually contributing something . Now some may question –“Why me? Let others do it. Alone I can’t make a difference”.He who feels that he is too small to make a difference has never been bitten by a mosquito is what I would say.

So if you can steal away some time from celebrating teddy day, kiss day, balloon day, flower day, You-suck-big-time day, hate day and love day do think how actively you participated on a Republic Day or Independence Day and how you can ever use your talent and knowledge for this country.