Thursday, December 31, 2009


Trish tickled!!

yes i finally am!...for wot???..well guys n tickled coz of my urge to write & share..& absolutely no intensions to fetch encomiums.. though i cant abstain maslf completely from der tenacious grip ever :D
This is my very first blog...& "its gonna b legen...wait for it..daryyy"
noooo i wont evr say dat.Its just dat of all the jobs I do the one which enthrals me with utmost enthusiasm is babbling wid maslf.
I had a doubt...but as time flew I contemplate is now a
hobby of mine.Trust me,in the darkest chapters of life & in the most gruelling circumstances you can revel with yourself..d mantra is "if u feel it just write it buddy"...(NOTE:This doesnt mean al mitsians start blogging..hey try smthng original man..hehehe).
I feel dat me,you,he,she,dey n us all are accoutered with thoughts & beliefs which paves the way ahead in life.
My belief is nothing but a manifestation of my thought..I don't remember xactly when my thoughts boarded a flight called pen & landed on to my ever useless ,spare assignment sheets..(yeah dats d best way to recycle paper)...& i thought of blogging it down.. my thoughts & beliefs often quarrel wid each other..i know it sounds paradoxical but this is the way it goes...a battle is fought between a plausible impossibility & a convincing possibility..& im left to decide d winner!
2009 was a fab fab its not coz of BARACK OBAMA'S victory or Shilpa Shetty finally getting a hubby...or Amir Khan trying to frame himself in to a college goin guy..wot made dis year idyllic was it was one of those years i always pinned for...lets check it how

Flashback..JULY 2007....Coming to MITS was a thing of joy to mitsian parents & misery to their gal mc discs n above all NO GUYS...d later though now is d least thing we miss here..i'll come to this later..& for all my guy friends ,dey firmly believed MITS was a noxious place for
gals wid so much potential..wid no guys to harness dem...wel wel wel but it truly is dat place for me where i learnt dat "often wot we envisage about a situation or a person can b very contradicting"..i made friends here..lost few of dem which i never regret..but each & everyone of dem are & always be my most priceless possessions...coz dey hav given me memories n lessons dat everyone of my age would die to wish for...& not wish to die for(dis xclusively includes my grupmates)...I met gals who were cute...some blunt & gruff...awkward louts(yes dat refers to my x..)..sum unbelievably b'ful n smart...caring..loving..& pedantics offcourse.

2009...D year of our ayiyashi...dats wot we in SKKCL call (NOTE:SKKCL is my group name dat cant be disclosed publicaly)
This section covers-NETTECH,DANCEMANIA,SHARMA TREAT,RONDIWOO '09,NCE,SWINEFLU & CHOCOBAR V/S MANGODOLLY....d blog wil b continued later..

i hope wotevr i wrote...u got it ...rite???..I surmise im making sense...if not WHO CARES.....
' i am lost in my pensiveness & u r just a victim of mine.....'
Trish tickled!!