Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Some events in life impact us & leave indelible memories.This event in ma life may reverberate throughout my adulthood i guess.
NETTECH-'A course in networking & ethical hacking' was what me & my buddy Noopur decided to do during summer of '09.
The 25 days programme was scheduled on 15th may '09...but our endterm exams was scheduled till 18th may.

WARNING:Never be late for any training programme..if u r ..u have 2 options-bunk it or go for it & screw yourself.

As u must have guessed...we decided to do the latter.
20/5/09,9:30am,IMT Ghaziabad: Noopur's dad dropped us at the IMT campus...the feeling was familiar..yes i recalled my first day at
NOOPUR:the imt people have a small campus...huh
ME:yeah...our college is better yaar..kuch nai par infra toh hai hi
Soon there was someone to help us out...we headed to girls hostel & each of us was alloted a single seater..mine with no lights ,& a fan which i feared
may drop any time on my head.Then without wasting anytime we rushed for the class.To my relief ,both me & noopur were in same class i.e. section A.
We stepped in section A where a very jovial professor ,Dr.Poonam Garg was taking the lecture.We decided to take the backseat...
NOOPUR:yet again..backbenchers
ME:yeah..cant afford to disrespect the ongoing tradition of ours

for next many days Dr.Garg made us all(including sir) dizzy & sleepy in her 2hours lecture but we did get the basics in our head I believe.

Soon the late comers were given their new schedule: 9am to 9pm-lectures,labs & tests
10pm to 12am-extra classes
I tell u ,after just finishing your endterm exams,shifting the hostel & travelling from lakshmangarh to ghaziabad,this schedule was an icing on the cake or can say
added to our travails & we were in a deplorable state.
But within 4 days of our joining we had an all Delhi tour & that was real fun...section A in one bus & section B in another.
Section A just had Swapan sir as an active participant among faculty in the MAHA ANTAKSHARI ,girls v/s boys...but with boys playing was
more of MAHA CACOPHONY...but everyone had hell lot of fun.
On our way to LOTUS TEMPLE a guy of section A was walkin besides me & this guy was of Delhi itself & was throwing some light on the famous
Lotus i thought of getting enlightened
ME:hii im trishla
GUY:hello im where r u from..i mean which college & which place
ME:actually im studying at mody,Rajasthan but basically im from jharkhand...wot about u?? studying at BIT Mesra,Jharkhand but basically im from Rajasthan

As expected we both burst in to laughter & he was my tourist guide for rest of the trip.
I did got to know many guys out there but Aditya was one ingenuous guy-intelligent,smart & funny(kinda me..hehe)

Back to class: In labs we were divided in groups of five & our group was popularly known as team Rajasthan or as we called Rajasthan Royals included
me,Noopur,Aditya,Arun & Pranjal.This was because me & Noopur from mody,Aditya as i mentioned earlier of Rajasthan origin,Arun from NIT Jaipur
& Pranjal from CUSAT but originally from Rajasthan.
Apart from the gruelling schedule wot really made me & noopur miserable was failure to cope up with rest of the class.We felt like minnows in a pool of
sharks.But the guys were really helpful.I remember once I casually asked "how does a router work??" & I ended up with five guys explaining me.
Swapan sir had left & there was only Santu sir who we approached thinking of the only saviour then.Everyday after the lab was over we discussed
all our problems & issues with him.Not to mention Aayush sir who was always seen with Santu sir...they both were like bread & butter,salt & pepper or
veer zara...!!!!

Soon me & noopur were also included in bread butter category...courtsey Santu sir & Aayush sir...& they often greeted us with cheerful badinage calling
us 'The Couple' since we didnt mingle much with the guy population in our class & preferred to accompany each other 24X7.The tag of being from an all
girls college also helped them tease us.
But i tell u guys,noopur & me really bonded well...whether it was scoring low marks in tests,sharing a wardrobe,
giggling in class,commenting & analysing guys n gals out there,roaming in shorts after the dinner in campus no matter what,pulling legs of santu sir,
stalking aayush sir so that he teaches every topic that we missed,eating up Aditya's head for making us understand linux,running away from IMT campus
in that one hour evening break just to have a mother dairy icecream,exploring Ghaziabad's every fastfood corner,loosing confidence & overcoming our
diffidence we lived every moment at IMT together...which are now profound memories we will cherish our entire life.

The most awaited part of the day was 'dinner time'.Good food followed by the pj sessions hosted by NIT guys esp Aditya famous for his "the ball" pj,Aakash
Jindal "the supercrow",Prashant with his insane questions & answers like
Q.what do u call an elephant's knee? A. Ghajini Q.why did the hippopotamus gave a statement in the court against his friend rabbit who had murdered somebody? A. coz hips dont lie
& many more to torture...
then me & noopur used to set out for long after dinner walks to see the love birds chirping in the gardens & some lonely birds too.It was good to see the gardens
utilised very much unlike in MITS.Then we did go for half hour nap at centrally air conditioned & beautifully made out of glass ,double storeyed IMT library.
At the hostel we had a bunch of friends that included Pratima boss,Trapti,Priyanshi & Nimisha boss..& we did all the gossips & chit chat.
Yes the chit chat did include the discussions of crushes.But I never confided mine.

One fine morning Aditya accosted us while we were enjoying most awaited bread omlette breakfast & alloo parathas..
Aditya:what the hell you guys were doing in the library???
(He reacted as if he saw Ramdev baba having chicken mcgrill at mc donalds)
ME:mmm....wel....actually....nuthing just timepass
ADITYA:in library???? could u..thats one place i will never ever go
ME:(lot relieved after knowing that even einstein thinks the way we do)...we go there to take a nap so that we are cool down before we actually sleep in our
boiling rooms.
ADITYA:tujhe pata hai ....tu ek alag piece hai...bilkul pagal

I took that as a compliment acting positively as i did take other things in those 25 days.Soon we were approaching the end of the programme but
when the end was near every girl & guy out there had the same feeling-"I wish this programme was more than just 25 days affair".
On the second last day we had a huge party at the amphitheatre...& I danced like hell with friends new & old.That same evening i had told Aditya
about singing as one of my hobbies & repented later...coz he wanted me to sing that night at the party & i made a deal
ADITYA:plzzzzzz yaar its the last evening you should sing yaar...abey mere liye hi sahi
ME:hmmm...fyn heres the deal..u have to announce in front of everyone that your friend i.e. trishla wants to sing for you...& i'll do it.
guess wot?? he did announce that im going to sing but not for him for everyone...crap.. how dumb of me.. but i had to sing...& there was once more,once more
in the air & I did sing another song in a row.

Last day was just the certificate distribution ceremony...followed by an unending photoshoot & treats.
Santu sir gave an enticing offer to me & a few more students to work for his company...truly said "all izz well " dat ends well.
I really cherish those hectic schedules,food & friends
but what I actually imbibed from the whole experience was that

'life is like a cup of coffee....the one which tastes sugarless...U could have stirred it well before consuming or reached for a spoon of sugar or must have drank to the bottom to find the sugar cubes unstirred. Sweetness & happiness are around us all time we just need to dissolve them in our lives.So wot kinda coffee you are up to? '