Friday, June 11, 2010

Uncanny truth behind the talk

About a month ago i appeared for a mock interview at my colg.
Aaahhhh....guys i luv interviews !-the ultimate platform to pursue my
hobby & propensity to 'talk n talk sense'.

But with vivas the case has always been different.
Ever since i started calling maslf engineer ,ive flopped in most of the
vivas as it really turns me off.I fail to understand how can two people talk
on something so boringly technical when there are better things in life n
grave concerns around you.???!!!

Dear friends,
u all must hav noticed the 'GANDHIJI'S TALISMAN' at the beginning of
NCERT books(if u havent......SHAME ON U..hehe).
It says ''whenever you are in doubt or when the self becomes too much
with u,recall the face of poorest n weakest man & ask yourself if the step u contemplate
is going to be of any use to him.''
So before any viva i think of such a person & conclude that my studying
for viva wont be of any gud to i drop the plan.

Back to mock interview:
The inquisitor after going through my resume was intrigued about my
participation in a technical contest for the benefit of women.
After throwing all the usual questions there came the gud one-"How
would you compare the condition of women in the middle east with that of
Since i didnt exactly know the answer i thought diplomacy would be best
policy.My answer was spontaneous,with full on expressions of a
'new -feminist -born -in -country' I said-"Every home has the same kitchen
& same old story.A woman is destined to cook & is burnt in the same fire.No
matter shes rich or poor,educated or uneducated she is still beaten up
by her husband in many homes today.Demarcating women as western or
eastern is not justified sir."

He gave me a smile which made me believe he must have cooked for his
wife that day!

That reminds me of the brouhaha in parliament over women reservation
bill which was finally passed in Rajya Sabha.I was of the belief that we
are a country setting classic examples of women acclaimed
internationally for their roles ranging from Mother India to Miss India.
& reservation seems to be like a ladder offered to crippled though there are
When this system understand that women DONT NEED RESERVATION
Even a house wife needs to be recognised by her family coz not every girl
is Sania Mirza or Sonia Gandhi.

But the statement of Mr.Lallu Prasad Yadav & Mr. Mulayam Singh
Yadav has changed my mind.According to them reservation will favor
only higher class females & wont benefit Muslim females & other
Now i am in favour of reservation.
REASON:The reality is these despots are afraid of female power & afraid
to loose their election seat & would still consider females as a cow to produce bull
for the family.No doubt this bill will create fight in political parties as
daughters will start to take part in politics.Also they fear that they may not
have a strong female candidate at home.And about muslim females i dont think
they give a damn to it or else they could have given election tickets to some of them.

Now it is important that the bill comes in to effect based on economic
criteria & not on religion or caste ,not because women need one
but its show time now!!!
Let them know how much devastation women can make to the
unscrupulous men in this system.

As for me im planning to participate in another such technical innovative
contest for women & this time my idea is of a technology that will secure a woman.
When the girl feels unsafe she can press the button of a remote that produces an
electrical shield around her so that anyone who tries to interfere through the shield
will get an electric shock!!!!

P.S. :Guess what my male friends are not supporting my idea & they are dead against it.They say they dont wanna die coz of an electric shock! :D


Aditya Patawari said...

speaking as your male friend. I am not only against women reservation. I am against reservation. Do you think reserving some seating in IIT-JEE or parliament is going to uplift their positions? Nope, had this been the case then by now SC/ST would have been in upfront. If 50+ years of reservation could not uplift their positions then what will? Answer is basic education, elimination of poverty not reservation in engineering/medical colleges or parliament. how can someone reach to IIT if he cannot have primary education.
and yeah, electrical shield is stupidity, giving women false protection is similar to giving her reservation. It would be better if you could make her self sufficient by creating more employment opportunities and better education.

trish said...

wel i knw reservation is of nt much use but then i support it as ive mentioned in economic criteria is taken in account.Politicians shed dere responsibilities by givin resv.But at d same tym dey havnt done
much for women yet.Its time to grab every opportunity n mak best of it.

trish said...

n yes dat electric shock thing was just 2 add sum humor to oder intentions.

Anonymous said...

Nice read madam, all i intend to share is demarcation never solves them reservation is like proving the eons old myth that vomen r still behind vich i vehementli oppose.overall,best read in recent times fr me

trish said...

@anonymous ....thanx!!

SHANKY said...
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SHANKY said...

ho gaya..bann gayi heroin..najane kya chulla hai Nari Mukti morcha kholne ka...height hai.
Jisme dumm hai wo samne aaye..if sum1 is successful in supressing ur power that means hes more powerful than u. If u have it- Prove women have done in evry field..may it b politics, sports, glamour..etc etc. Y crying for reservation haan?? Now its not that India which is Male led..if u say that u r wrong honey. U r trying to mould the old bebass Indian nari image to the new Indian female figures. Aaj kal ki londiyas to nako tale chane chabwa deti hain, unka kya haan... Bada :P
N nw we even have laws for women to complain in police if beaten up at homes..samjhi madam. Women r no more captivated now...n if at al they r...they simply don hv guts to fight back.

Nikal gayi hawa?? Phusssss

trish said...

@shanky..ok.tell me dis.ders a gal i met aged 17,married wid 2 kids now.she was married at 14 because dats d tradition being followed in her village.i askd her y didnt u study?ne financial prob?
she said her brothers went 2 school but she was xpctd 2 gt married as .N acc. to your mantra she should hav shown her POWER n fought wid her parents n d village which ultimately wud hav made her lyf hell coz no man in her village supported her ideas,would hav been thrown out of family n while seeking help sum man would hav exploited her.GET REAL MAN...DIS IS

This is the problem wid ppl lyk u...who talk about guts & abilities but have never talkd about improving things in & out.N yes about proving 1 self mind u dat gals r trapped in social clutches unlike guys since years.
n ive mentioned very clearly that i
n who says we r abla nari>?????
we r ABLE naris...balancing evrything in life quite wel :P
only a woman can undrstand a woman's problem will be better if more women gain powerful positions in society.

n which law u r talking abt?
d law who cudnt giv justice 2 JESICA LAL in 10yrs? n wot abt NIRUPMA or RUCHIKA case????

kyun nikal gayi na hawaaa????hurrrr

dhoo daala..... :P

arun said...

first of all , reservations have done a whole lot of good for SC/ST people....had we been grown in a time wen there were no reservations....a majority of us would not have allowed a SC or ST to even sit beside us.
Its their rising status that has changed the scenario and the way we perceive it...but ofcourse due to some fundamental problems in the policy failed to bring a positive affect in everyone's life who has suffered the cast based bias....but situation is much better now....barring some rural areas!
A case in point is the demand of Gujjar community of Rajasthan to "bestow" them with ST status....ofcourse its related to reservation-related benefits ....but being ST is not that repulsive anymore....that i wud say is some real achievement !!

OBC reservations ...they cant be justified....its pure vote-bank politics!

And at last the lovely ladies.....reservations are meant for those who do not get equal opportunities to compete for no fault of their own...and that is true only for uneducated or born-in-conservative-poor-rural-family u may like it or not ...but Lalu and Mulayam are talking sense here....dont reject them outright!

And waise bhi aajkal ki women dont consider themselves inferior to man in any y not jes get out in the middle and fight for the seat....y do u need reservations???

arun soni said...

oh oh...i jes missed to read ur last comment b4 i put up my first....
about ur rhetoric of social injustice and clutches that have made the Indian women to suffer.....there are whole lot of people out their whose court cases are hanging for more than 10 yrs....
there are poor students who even on cracking IIT-JEE ...struggle to pay the fees for admission....there are people who sleep without blankets in winters....have no access to medical facilities, clean water, even food leave alone balanced diet.....may be v shud reserve seats for all of woman understands a woman a better.....a poor will understand the plight of poor better...a patient wud feel the suffering of other patient better...a student would be better to address the issues of students......lets reserve seat for everyone....why only women......may be there is no section of society who suffer more than them.....???

P.S and yeah two more seats for runaway-outcasted lovers and homosexuals....who will address their plight???

trish said...

thanx arun for ur opinion.u r true enuf...der r problms wid oders i dedicated dis blog for all dis drama for women reservation ive limited my domain in d blog.
women resv.will b irrespective of caste n religion dat is wot makes it differnt from other reserv.
V cant blame govt 4 all coz mindset of society can address d plight of all i believe.

SHANKY said...

dekha dekha....upar k posts dekha...hence proved ki sare jhagdo ki jadd women hi hoti hain...HOLY CRAP mannnn......
delete dis blog-post...hahahahahhhaaa

Who says ek aurat hi ek aurat ma dard achhe se samajh sakti hai?? Main to sari ladkiyo ka dard samajhta hu tum logo se achha...lekin ye zalim zamana help krne hi ni deta :P
n last but not d least..not only poor "gals" suffer...more than that poor guys suffer...may b poor gals have to face a social barrier...but poor boys have to loose thier childhood may be at 4 years f age...i hv seen such boys wrking at food places,bus stops...u knw dear childhood is any1's best time but they dont even c dat...khair jo bhi hai....hum jyada discussions me ni rehte yaar...u knw dat. Reservation zindabaad...sabko reservation dede bhaiya...apne baap ka kya jata hai....

trish said...

@shanky...ab aaya na line pe :P...wel dekhlo yahan bhi 1 girl fighting wid so many i just luv it..not gonna delete dis 1 at least :P

cheena A.K.A Noopur said...

order order..!!! silence... :P

( the smallest n the best comment of all :P...btw training mein yahi sikha kya?? ))

n why are u guys fighting so much...
@trishla-seems dat..ladko ko bahut buri wali lagi hai.. :P

trish said...

@cheena aka parrot aka noopur
u said it rite honey....zor ki lagi hai ladko ko

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee chowdhury said...

Hi Trish..I like the way U blend humor with serious stuff...though I'm also of the opinion that women don't really need reservation to prove themselves..I think I speak of the urban woman like myself who is already in a position to make her own decisions blah blah..somewhere perhaps the bill would do justice to those who have not found their voice yet..Loved yr style :)

trish said...

@Maitreyee..thanx :)
the bill should be benefiting the under privileged women in the country.