Tuesday, March 9, 2010

chini kum hai...

Turning the pages
of something called a book,
that never enticed me
though it tries me to hook
i raised my head
moved here & there
felt something stupefying about the june air

The air was glum
that used to be warm
piercing the skin
now tanned & torn
gosh! it felt never so dry
& i wonder what made so much moisture
in my eyes....???

May be memories some new ,some old
may be friends some cold ,some gold
& not to mention
those times when i walked all alone...
i discovered ..
how deceptive was pretence
& who all made to my actual opulence

The love of december air was once massive
but in years that flew
it has made everyone more impassive
childhood blessed with humour & innocence
postchildhood we imbibed
the art of scoffing,crippled tolerance.

Deep inside every heart the feeling flows,
when will the zephyrs blow & life will be slow
kosher the inanity that prevails
Is life all about winning head or tails??

Then somebody knocks at my door,
bouldering my rumination
me agitated to the core.
I welcome the intruder poker-faced
the intruder blabbering in some haste.
Though in today's life
we dont have a second to waste
one hasnt lived enough
without fun & devil-may-care attitude
& virtues like love n hatred
still to taste.