Monday, November 29, 2010

OnE hAt TwO FaCeS

I had something bitter today,

My taste buds had a tough time

But people say it keeps problems at bay

I prefer to have sweet,

I find it delicious

But people say, your health, it can cheat

What you think something done to you as a favour,

May actually handicap you for sometime if not forever

All that glitters is not the gold

People fake warmth despite being cold

Those days are gone

When times are hard

& you pause to see how many helping hands reach you

Now it’s incredible to watch how many will bitch you

That which is 'bold and beautiful', has always been attention prone

Why the 'beauty of the soul' remains unknown

Tales of truth may remain untold

But the reality may eventually unfold


SHANKY said...

good..nice...very nice...superb..but what does it actually mean or refer to?? :P
Actually its a story of all just expressed in new words...Try something new sweetheart :P
And trish it dint tickle this time :P :P :P

Noopur said...

1)new template - like
2)title - like ( goes well with your template)
3) nice bitchy blog

-love you bitch :P

vineet said...

best wrk till now,rhmying was osum n dat also didnt luk forced,very crispy poem n delicately presented as well, ought 2 mention dat even i m into poems n stuffs bt mst say, u easily beat me here :(

trish said...

thanx for your comment.
So what if it is the 'story of all'put into new words...people do write and discuss things that appeals to them irrespective of whether it has or hasn't happened to someone before.
Secondly,if you have a look on my posts every post has something different to convey.
What's new this time?
wel,ive kept it short and simple :)

trish said...

I guess you highly identify with the 'bitch' word in reference to the degree of usage of this word in your comment.
And I thought i had many bitches around so it is time to be one!
This blog is dedicate to you too bitch :P

tavishi said...

At the end of every line I stop and realize how true your words are.
And I loath the fact that you made me realize the bitterness of reality.
but thank you.

trish said...

Thanks Tavishi for your precious comment.When readers get the essence of my writing,I believe my job is done & is done well :)

trish said...

@Vineet:thanks :)
come on writing is definitely your forte and I'm always waiting for your posts!