Saturday, December 25, 2010

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Hope you must be having an experience of a lifetime this Christmas.

Last few months have been really eventful for the earth family and I guess you have an inkling about it if at all you read newspapers apart from nurturing your tummy at the Noth pole.

It seems by end of 2010 everyone has gone crazy either in a good or a bad way.

I prefer to call the year 2010 as 'The Year of Great Leaks and Great Records'.

The Wikileaks has gone wicked beyond the purview of wickedness.

I wonder what gift Julian Assange had asked you for last Christmas and according to my calculation it must have been a book called 'How to get wicked in 365 days'.

(see even his name says that he is an ‘Ass’)

There exists a class of people who cannot make things better around them but are always in search of an opportunity to ruin others. Wikileaks is nothing but a manifestation of such class of people.

When it comes to leaks how could I not mention the radioactive ‘Radia tapes’.

I call it radioactive because of its inappropriate proliferation all over the media and hence the country. I tell you santa, Nira Radia must be featured in top 10 most influential women in the country owning to her expertise in public relations and her conversations with Mr.Tata, Miss Barkha Dutt & co. which has gone highly public. Seems that the whole 2G scam revolves around a woman.

It has been acknowledged by all that women who make men talk better than they are accustomed to are always popular and so is Nira Radia.

Well coming to great records you must gift something special to Sachin Tendulkar as he reached another milestone of 50th test century and also to Saina Nehwal for trouncing every player in opposition.

Mission 'Common wealth games' was accomplished although soaked with controversies and scams.

Hey Santa, I was wondering what sorts of gifts you offer on Christmas?

The world is going to dogs and so I've thought of some presents which if you could give can make this world a better place to live.

They are as follows:

1. Mr.Obama not turning out to be a disastrous choice of US citizens.

2. India deciding what to do with Kasab before it is too late to avoid the egg on the face.

3. India takes a stand on 2G scam so that we can concentrate on 3G before the entire world switches to 4G technology.

4. Tolerance and patience for people to withstand further leaks.

5. Munni badnam hogayi and Sheela jawan hogayi so tell them to take care and bestow some relief on men.

I hope the coming year brings hope, success and happiness to all, enemies become friends and friends become closer. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With love


Monday, November 29, 2010

OnE hAt TwO FaCeS

I had something bitter today,

My taste buds had a tough time

But people say it keeps problems at bay

I prefer to have sweet,

I find it delicious

But people say, your health, it can cheat

What you think something done to you as a favour,

May actually handicap you for sometime if not forever

All that glitters is not the gold

People fake warmth despite being cold

Those days are gone

When times are hard

& you pause to see how many helping hands reach you

Now it’s incredible to watch how many will bitch you

That which is 'bold and beautiful', has always been attention prone

Why the 'beauty of the soul' remains unknown

Tales of truth may remain untold

But the reality may eventually unfold

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being Cool....

Being Cool

Ask people what is cool to them & then be ready to get the whackiest & weirdest of all responses.
Yeah 'cool hai yaar' the buzzword everywhere.

Last month when i was at home & my younger sis was helping me unpack my bags she came across my black old shabby travel kit & her reaction was-"di this is so very ID-PD(stands for Izzat Down,Prestige Down) let me get you something cool".Soon my my travel kit was replaced by a flashy pink,'made in USA' ,irritatingly girlish bag.
The next day a bunch of her friends enriched my brain with the universal truth that HANNAH MONTANNA aka MILEY CIRUS is the ultimate style icon & that she is unparalleld.
Watching Hannah Montana,putting her posters all over the room & having Miley Cyrus music collection was their idea of being cool!!

Its not just the bachcha party who are going crazy on being cool infact theirs idea of being cool is reasonable but grown ups have many unreasonable ideas.
for instance updating your 'facebook' status now & then from 'zzzz....' to 'i'm back' ,constantly changing your profile pics & counting your comments(the number of comments you score on each status or pic indicates your market value & your gender too)
If you dont have a FB account that is equivalent to a social stigma & you are tagged 'so uncool'.
what they call in FB as 'mutual friends' is actually a grammatical abberation of 'common friends'.But who cares.Everyone is doing it & so do I.I guess thats all about being cool now a days.

Being in relationship(sometimes in more than one) is so cool for some.
There was this friend of mine who used to get pissed off whenever her friends used to say-"you dont have a bf??thats so uncool yaar..."
& she smacked them saying-"i dont have the fear of being alone.Its so cool to find out that you dont need a bf to be happy".

Not to mention crazy fans of 'Twilight'.Since the movie got on everyone's nerves ,every girl fancies for a -greek god looking like, blood sucking boy friend.If that happens dat would be really cool & bloody!
It appears to me that this word supports all sorts of tomfoolery.

Activities like boozing,smoking,drugs,using slang terms will surely give you an edge on the 'cool-o-meter'.
"you know wot ..we had a booze party....& we got sloshed!!" -I guess sometime in life we all must have heard someone saying this.
But whats the big deal?..."totally nothing..just trying to be cool man".
Outcome:1)when you were sloshed you aired your dirty laundry in public(i.e. a private life stuff was made public)
2)you had disprins or other aspirins for next 3 days to get rid of your headache.

I guess thats not cool buddy.There's no harm is trying out stuff like that but you must have a check on yourself because one never knows when does a thing done for pleasure becomes a habit.We people have a tendency to blend in & not a real propensity to stand out.
When guys & girls are trying to be 'cool' they generally blend in,trying to do something whole world is doing.So its rather kinda epidemic and systemic.
Being cool should be 'be yourself' but excluding your ignorance & arrogance.It should be about getting rid of your mental barriers.
Who gives a damn what others do or follow.Every tom,dick & harry will be doing it.what everyone is doing is not always right(conditions applied).
Instead of squandering your energy on being cool ,be smart & sensible.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Uncanny truth behind the talk

About a month ago i appeared for a mock interview at my colg.
Aaahhhh....guys i luv interviews !-the ultimate platform to pursue my
hobby & propensity to 'talk n talk sense'.

But with vivas the case has always been different.
Ever since i started calling maslf engineer ,ive flopped in most of the
vivas as it really turns me off.I fail to understand how can two people talk
on something so boringly technical when there are better things in life n
grave concerns around you.???!!!

Dear friends,
u all must hav noticed the 'GANDHIJI'S TALISMAN' at the beginning of
NCERT books(if u havent......SHAME ON U..hehe).
It says ''whenever you are in doubt or when the self becomes too much
with u,recall the face of poorest n weakest man & ask yourself if the step u contemplate
is going to be of any use to him.''
So before any viva i think of such a person & conclude that my studying
for viva wont be of any gud to i drop the plan.

Back to mock interview:
The inquisitor after going through my resume was intrigued about my
participation in a technical contest for the benefit of women.
After throwing all the usual questions there came the gud one-"How
would you compare the condition of women in the middle east with that of
Since i didnt exactly know the answer i thought diplomacy would be best
policy.My answer was spontaneous,with full on expressions of a
'new -feminist -born -in -country' I said-"Every home has the same kitchen
& same old story.A woman is destined to cook & is burnt in the same fire.No
matter shes rich or poor,educated or uneducated she is still beaten up
by her husband in many homes today.Demarcating women as western or
eastern is not justified sir."

He gave me a smile which made me believe he must have cooked for his
wife that day!

That reminds me of the brouhaha in parliament over women reservation
bill which was finally passed in Rajya Sabha.I was of the belief that we
are a country setting classic examples of women acclaimed
internationally for their roles ranging from Mother India to Miss India.
& reservation seems to be like a ladder offered to crippled though there are
When this system understand that women DONT NEED RESERVATION
Even a house wife needs to be recognised by her family coz not every girl
is Sania Mirza or Sonia Gandhi.

But the statement of Mr.Lallu Prasad Yadav & Mr. Mulayam Singh
Yadav has changed my mind.According to them reservation will favor
only higher class females & wont benefit Muslim females & other
Now i am in favour of reservation.
REASON:The reality is these despots are afraid of female power & afraid
to loose their election seat & would still consider females as a cow to produce bull
for the family.No doubt this bill will create fight in political parties as
daughters will start to take part in politics.Also they fear that they may not
have a strong female candidate at home.And about muslim females i dont think
they give a damn to it or else they could have given election tickets to some of them.

Now it is important that the bill comes in to effect based on economic
criteria & not on religion or caste ,not because women need one
but its show time now!!!
Let them know how much devastation women can make to the
unscrupulous men in this system.

As for me im planning to participate in another such technical innovative
contest for women & this time my idea is of a technology that will secure a woman.
When the girl feels unsafe she can press the button of a remote that produces an
electrical shield around her so that anyone who tries to interfere through the shield
will get an electric shock!!!!

P.S. :Guess what my male friends are not supporting my idea & they are dead against it.They say they dont wanna die coz of an electric shock! :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

chini kum hai...

Turning the pages
of something called a book,
that never enticed me
though it tries me to hook
i raised my head
moved here & there
felt something stupefying about the june air

The air was glum
that used to be warm
piercing the skin
now tanned & torn
gosh! it felt never so dry
& i wonder what made so much moisture
in my eyes....???

May be memories some new ,some old
may be friends some cold ,some gold
& not to mention
those times when i walked all alone...
i discovered ..
how deceptive was pretence
& who all made to my actual opulence

The love of december air was once massive
but in years that flew
it has made everyone more impassive
childhood blessed with humour & innocence
postchildhood we imbibed
the art of scoffing,crippled tolerance.

Deep inside every heart the feeling flows,
when will the zephyrs blow & life will be slow
kosher the inanity that prevails
Is life all about winning head or tails??

Then somebody knocks at my door,
bouldering my rumination
me agitated to the core.
I welcome the intruder poker-faced
the intruder blabbering in some haste.
Though in today's life
we dont have a second to waste
one hasnt lived enough
without fun & devil-may-care attitude
& virtues like love n hatred
still to taste.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Some events in life impact us & leave indelible memories.This event in ma life may reverberate throughout my adulthood i guess.
NETTECH-'A course in networking & ethical hacking' was what me & my buddy Noopur decided to do during summer of '09.
The 25 days programme was scheduled on 15th may '09...but our endterm exams was scheduled till 18th may.

WARNING:Never be late for any training programme..if u r ..u have 2 options-bunk it or go for it & screw yourself.

As u must have guessed...we decided to do the latter.
20/5/09,9:30am,IMT Ghaziabad: Noopur's dad dropped us at the IMT campus...the feeling was familiar..yes i recalled my first day at
NOOPUR:the imt people have a small campus...huh
ME:yeah...our college is better yaar..kuch nai par infra toh hai hi
Soon there was someone to help us out...we headed to girls hostel & each of us was alloted a single seater..mine with no lights ,& a fan which i feared
may drop any time on my head.Then without wasting anytime we rushed for the class.To my relief ,both me & noopur were in same class i.e. section A.
We stepped in section A where a very jovial professor ,Dr.Poonam Garg was taking the lecture.We decided to take the backseat...
NOOPUR:yet again..backbenchers
ME:yeah..cant afford to disrespect the ongoing tradition of ours

for next many days Dr.Garg made us all(including sir) dizzy & sleepy in her 2hours lecture but we did get the basics in our head I believe.

Soon the late comers were given their new schedule: 9am to 9pm-lectures,labs & tests
10pm to 12am-extra classes
I tell u ,after just finishing your endterm exams,shifting the hostel & travelling from lakshmangarh to ghaziabad,this schedule was an icing on the cake or can say
added to our travails & we were in a deplorable state.
But within 4 days of our joining we had an all Delhi tour & that was real fun...section A in one bus & section B in another.
Section A just had Swapan sir as an active participant among faculty in the MAHA ANTAKSHARI ,girls v/s boys...but with boys playing was
more of MAHA CACOPHONY...but everyone had hell lot of fun.
On our way to LOTUS TEMPLE a guy of section A was walkin besides me & this guy was of Delhi itself & was throwing some light on the famous
Lotus i thought of getting enlightened
ME:hii im trishla
GUY:hello im where r u from..i mean which college & which place
ME:actually im studying at mody,Rajasthan but basically im from jharkhand...wot about u?? studying at BIT Mesra,Jharkhand but basically im from Rajasthan

As expected we both burst in to laughter & he was my tourist guide for rest of the trip.
I did got to know many guys out there but Aditya was one ingenuous guy-intelligent,smart & funny(kinda me..hehe)

Back to class: In labs we were divided in groups of five & our group was popularly known as team Rajasthan or as we called Rajasthan Royals included
me,Noopur,Aditya,Arun & Pranjal.This was because me & Noopur from mody,Aditya as i mentioned earlier of Rajasthan origin,Arun from NIT Jaipur
& Pranjal from CUSAT but originally from Rajasthan.
Apart from the gruelling schedule wot really made me & noopur miserable was failure to cope up with rest of the class.We felt like minnows in a pool of
sharks.But the guys were really helpful.I remember once I casually asked "how does a router work??" & I ended up with five guys explaining me.
Swapan sir had left & there was only Santu sir who we approached thinking of the only saviour then.Everyday after the lab was over we discussed
all our problems & issues with him.Not to mention Aayush sir who was always seen with Santu sir...they both were like bread & butter,salt & pepper or
veer zara...!!!!

Soon me & noopur were also included in bread butter category...courtsey Santu sir & Aayush sir...& they often greeted us with cheerful badinage calling
us 'The Couple' since we didnt mingle much with the guy population in our class & preferred to accompany each other 24X7.The tag of being from an all
girls college also helped them tease us.
But i tell u guys,noopur & me really bonded well...whether it was scoring low marks in tests,sharing a wardrobe,
giggling in class,commenting & analysing guys n gals out there,roaming in shorts after the dinner in campus no matter what,pulling legs of santu sir,
stalking aayush sir so that he teaches every topic that we missed,eating up Aditya's head for making us understand linux,running away from IMT campus
in that one hour evening break just to have a mother dairy icecream,exploring Ghaziabad's every fastfood corner,loosing confidence & overcoming our
diffidence we lived every moment at IMT together...which are now profound memories we will cherish our entire life.

The most awaited part of the day was 'dinner time'.Good food followed by the pj sessions hosted by NIT guys esp Aditya famous for his "the ball" pj,Aakash
Jindal "the supercrow",Prashant with his insane questions & answers like
Q.what do u call an elephant's knee? A. Ghajini Q.why did the hippopotamus gave a statement in the court against his friend rabbit who had murdered somebody? A. coz hips dont lie
& many more to torture...
then me & noopur used to set out for long after dinner walks to see the love birds chirping in the gardens & some lonely birds too.It was good to see the gardens
utilised very much unlike in MITS.Then we did go for half hour nap at centrally air conditioned & beautifully made out of glass ,double storeyed IMT library.
At the hostel we had a bunch of friends that included Pratima boss,Trapti,Priyanshi & Nimisha boss..& we did all the gossips & chit chat.
Yes the chit chat did include the discussions of crushes.But I never confided mine.

One fine morning Aditya accosted us while we were enjoying most awaited bread omlette breakfast & alloo parathas..
Aditya:what the hell you guys were doing in the library???
(He reacted as if he saw Ramdev baba having chicken mcgrill at mc donalds)
ME:mmm....wel....actually....nuthing just timepass
ADITYA:in library???? could u..thats one place i will never ever go
ME:(lot relieved after knowing that even einstein thinks the way we do)...we go there to take a nap so that we are cool down before we actually sleep in our
boiling rooms.
ADITYA:tujhe pata hai ....tu ek alag piece hai...bilkul pagal

I took that as a compliment acting positively as i did take other things in those 25 days.Soon we were approaching the end of the programme but
when the end was near every girl & guy out there had the same feeling-"I wish this programme was more than just 25 days affair".
On the second last day we had a huge party at the amphitheatre...& I danced like hell with friends new & old.That same evening i had told Aditya
about singing as one of my hobbies & repented later...coz he wanted me to sing that night at the party & i made a deal
ADITYA:plzzzzzz yaar its the last evening you should sing yaar...abey mere liye hi sahi
ME:hmmm...fyn heres the deal..u have to announce in front of everyone that your friend i.e. trishla wants to sing for you...& i'll do it.
guess wot?? he did announce that im going to sing but not for him for everyone...crap.. how dumb of me.. but i had to sing...& there was once more,once more
in the air & I did sing another song in a row.

Last day was just the certificate distribution ceremony...followed by an unending photoshoot & treats.
Santu sir gave an enticing offer to me & a few more students to work for his company...truly said "all izz well " dat ends well.
I really cherish those hectic schedules,food & friends
but what I actually imbibed from the whole experience was that

'life is like a cup of coffee....the one which tastes sugarless...U could have stirred it well before consuming or reached for a spoon of sugar or must have drank to the bottom to find the sugar cubes unstirred. Sweetness & happiness are around us all time we just need to dissolve them in our lives.So wot kinda coffee you are up to? '