Sunday, April 3, 2011


What fragnance is to a rose, that is exactly what cricket is to India.

I remember the days when I started playing this amazing sport.We were a team of five boys and one girl and my area of expertise was ‘running between the wickets’ as I was not fond of bowling much and when it came to batting the guys never bowled well(esp. for me). They used to deliver sluggish underarm balls, which I could hit even with my eyes closed. Then I would yell at them-“Seriously! Shut up and give me a fast ball.”

What happened there after is beyond the scope of this blog and should only be discussed with experts! :-P

From newspapers to T.V. channels, from social networking sites to tea-time discussions cricket seems to be ubiquitous. And the smell of the victory in the air when the crackers burn, the brouhaha after every wicket that falls, the smiles on the faces and the pride every Indian feels when Men in Blue trounce the rival team is just priceless!

The most incredible aspect about this sport is that I’ve witnessed people from every section of the society playing it and loving it.

The India-Pakistan semi final was a high profile match with Bollywood stars and politicians reveling in the victory of a team whose majority of players come from modest families and slogged hard to make a place in playing eleven.

That’s the beauty of the bat and the ball-you can find it in slums of Mumbai lightening up the impoverished faces and also in a high profile match at Wankhede stadium.

With all the madness building around with every upcoming match it is impossible to say that cricket is not the national game of India!

People bunking their offices, house wives finishing up fast with house-hold chores, students bunking classes and exams, those traveling on the D-day taking a flight instead of a bus or a train, guys and girls painting their faces in tri colours - gosh! the vivacity gets so much better when people from different cultures and religions unite under just one name-INDIA !

P.S.-Cricket is not our national game but it is definitely the national mood!

Cricket is one religion that every Indian believes in. KUDOS to team INDIA!


Noopur said...

Undoubtedly, kudos to team India. But there is one thing which some people might not like that the best match of the entire tournament according to me was...Quarterfinal--India v/s Aus. a total breatholding match to me.And yeah second best obv. the Finals. ;)

trish said...

@Noopur:well I feel that in this tournament every game that India played was nerve racking!

SHANKY said...

Achha hai...achha hai.....

yash1229 said...

don't u think that by focussing on cricket so much, the other sports have lost their credibility?
Agreed that it's exciting to watch Sachin score a century but, is it fair to people playing other sports? They aren't given due recognition!

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trish said...

@shanky:thanx :)
@yash:yes you are very correct.Indeed other sports fade out when cricket comes into picture.
I think when we talk in terms of attention,appreciation and encouragement,cricket always had the best of them, so yes it is bit unfair but at the same time you can't force anyone to love a game.Who in this country bunked office to see an INDIAN women cricket team play finals? I guess none.Can't help it right? I strongly feel media can play an important role in changing the perception as it really played a crucial role in setting up one i.e. A nation bleeding blue!