Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My rendezvous with 'The Stranger'

Have you ever thought that movies like Jab We Met,Anjaana Anjaani,Hum Tum,Serendipity are based on beautiful accidents in life that involves two completely different people totally new to each other in strange circumstances but strings attached!
Year 2007:
Scene 1:
It was Manipal Entrance Test. My test centre was Lucknow.
I was just in time for the test and reached my alloted class for the test. My eyes searching for my allocated seat .and there it was-beside a fair guy .I settled on to my seat, held out a pen and was going through the instructions in my answer sheet when the stranger poked his nose.
Stranger: hey you can't use a pen you have to do with pencil. Take my pencil I've got one extra.
I looked at him with disgust and he just smiled .
Me: No thanks.I read the instrutions and I've one for my own.
Still he kept his pencil on my part of table...cAn YoU beLieVe tHat?!!
For next 10 minutes I was engrossed in my Form.
Stranger: Don't you think your name is weird?...and long too!
Tumhare Dad ka naam to thek hai.
He was going through my admit card....cAn YoU beLieVe tHat??!!!!!
I felt like pushing him down from the Qutub Minar....
what a scene that would have been seeing his nose thrashing into the ground.
I was fuming with anger from inside, yelling- what are you fat ass ?? some Name Inspector..huh??
Me: Oh really?....whats yours?
Stranger: (smiling) Akshay Kapoor
Me: Whats that like..a desperate attempt to sound like Akshay Kumar and Shahid Kapoor....coz from any angle you don’t look like any of the two.

And my face was lit up by a diabolic smile......the devilish grin!

Stranger: hey relax yaar.....sorry if I was offensive. Actually your name is weird but in a nice way..... infact Ananya sounds great!
Me: Now that’s called damage control.
Stranger: (Smiling again).....You are pretty smart...arent you?
Anyway you have got to tolerate me for next 2 hours and it's 4 hours if you are giving the MBBS entrance too!
'Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' was my instant feeling!
Me: (thinking) then thank your stars and I am already cursing mine.
Scene 2:
After the first paper was over...we had a break of 30 minutes before the next paper to commence. We discussed how bad the paper was, cursed the institute for setting tough paper and for the first time our frequencies matched!
Me: Did you notice the girl sitting diagonal to you is giving you frequent looks?
Akshay: See Ananya.. every girl likes me but not you.
Me: I never said I hate you (Jhooth bole kawa kate) ….anyways she kinda hot you can try!
Akshay: I’m not fond of hot girls(Jhooth bole kawa kate ).. I like girls to be simple….. So you are not from Lucknow.....right? I guessed that!
Me: That’s obvious after you inspected my admit card
Akshay: Well since you did not inspect mine I let you know about me. I am from Lucknow and I've a rich dad. He said son you at least give the exams and don't worry I'll get you through.
That was one those few moments when I smiled !
No wonder his dad had the same opinion as mine.... the child is wasted!
But not every man is man enough to say that in front of a girl!
Akshay: I don’t want his business so this probably is my escape plan!
His facial expression changed, he looked disturbed so I tried to change the subject.
Me: Howcome you said you knew I am not from Lucknow?
Akshay: You didn't put makeup and is definitely not trying to seek attention. I hope gals here knew that they would look beautiful in a simple blue patiala, white kurti and blue dupatta!
Now that was exactly what I was wearing and I managed to smile without letting him notice.
But then I thought he must have tried this line on many girls and I’m not buying it!
It was the first time I looked at him properly, he smiled and I had to smile back.
For some time I couldn't take my eyes off his dimpled chin and innocent eyes and I thought he definitely doesn't look like Shahid or Akshay....but he did got something girl ..actually he did look like Aftab Shivdasani.
Me: Well everyone has got their own style and dressing sense you should not compare.
(Now I was definitely being modest ,people do it everytime but I couldn't come up with a better response, damn!)
Akshay: So did you see anything in Lucknow?
Me: Not much
Akshay: What are you doing this evening?
(Actually he popped the question in hindi: Aaj shaam mai kya kar rahi ho?....and I gave him a skeptic look)
Me: why do you ask?
Akshay: I've two tickets for Mika's want to come with me?
That was the first time a guy had asked me out!...Before that none had
mustered up enough courage to do that and it was also the first time I wanted a guy
to ask me out!
I could make out from his face that he had practiced that line in his mind like ‘n’ times before asking me but that was undoubtedly the cutest thing about him-trying to act like ultra cool and ‘I-really-don’t-care-what-you-think-about-me’ in front of the girl.
But like all the female leads in Suraj Barjataya’s movies –‘comely and homely’,
I refused to go saying that I already had plans with my family!
Then there was pin-drop silence for 20 seconds.
He said that my plan for evening was more awesome than his and I should go out with my family which I already said I was going to.
He left the class before I did without saying a word after the paper got over.
That really sucked because though we didn’t start talking on a friendly note we did talk as if we were good friends.
Then when I was about to leave my place I found this scribbled on his desk-
‘NTYA take care bye’
I racked my brain for an hour to decode NTYA and I ended up with this- ‘Not Talking to You Again’… pissed me off like anything.
I was packing my stuff before leaving Lucknow and I came across my admit card and his face flashed before my eyes.To my surprise I found something written on it-
‘Nice Talking to You,Ananya’….my instant reaction was- what an asshole he is ! kept me thinking about it for 2 days!
The probability of falling in love with a stranger is one in a million but after all you need just one and moments like these you cherish for years, can make you smile and sometimes motivate you to blog!