Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being Cool....

Being Cool

Ask people what is cool to them & then be ready to get the whackiest & weirdest of all responses.
Yeah 'cool hai yaar' the buzzword everywhere.

Last month when i was at home & my younger sis was helping me unpack my bags she came across my black old shabby travel kit & her reaction was-"di this is so very ID-PD(stands for Izzat Down,Prestige Down) let me get you something cool".Soon my my travel kit was replaced by a flashy pink,'made in USA' ,irritatingly girlish bag.
The next day a bunch of her friends enriched my brain with the universal truth that HANNAH MONTANNA aka MILEY CIRUS is the ultimate style icon & that she is unparalleld.
Watching Hannah Montana,putting her posters all over the room & having Miley Cyrus music collection was their idea of being cool!!

Its not just the bachcha party who are going crazy on being cool infact theirs idea of being cool is reasonable but grown ups have many unreasonable ideas.
for instance updating your 'facebook' status now & then from 'zzzz....' to 'i'm back' ,constantly changing your profile pics & counting your comments(the number of comments you score on each status or pic indicates your market value & your gender too)
If you dont have a FB account that is equivalent to a social stigma & you are tagged 'so uncool'.
what they call in FB as 'mutual friends' is actually a grammatical abberation of 'common friends'.But who cares.Everyone is doing it & so do I.I guess thats all about being cool now a days.

Being in relationship(sometimes in more than one) is so cool for some.
There was this friend of mine who used to get pissed off whenever her friends used to say-"you dont have a bf??thats so uncool yaar..."
& she smacked them saying-"i dont have the fear of being alone.Its so cool to find out that you dont need a bf to be happy".

Not to mention crazy fans of 'Twilight'.Since the movie got on everyone's nerves ,every girl fancies for a -greek god looking like, blood sucking boy friend.If that happens dat would be really cool & bloody!
It appears to me that this word supports all sorts of tomfoolery.

Activities like boozing,smoking,drugs,using slang terms will surely give you an edge on the 'cool-o-meter'.
"you know wot ..we had a booze party....& we got sloshed!!" -I guess sometime in life we all must have heard someone saying this.
But whats the big deal?..."totally nothing..just trying to be cool man".
Outcome:1)when you were sloshed you aired your dirty laundry in public(i.e. a private life stuff was made public)
2)you had disprins or other aspirins for next 3 days to get rid of your headache.

I guess thats not cool buddy.There's no harm is trying out stuff like that but you must have a check on yourself because one never knows when does a thing done for pleasure becomes a habit.We people have a tendency to blend in & not a real propensity to stand out.
When guys & girls are trying to be 'cool' they generally blend in,trying to do something whole world is doing.So its rather kinda epidemic and systemic.
Being cool should be 'be yourself' but excluding your ignorance & arrogance.It should be about getting rid of your mental barriers.
Who gives a damn what others do or follow.Every tom,dick & harry will be doing it.what everyone is doing is not always right(conditions applied).
Instead of squandering your energy on being cool ,be smart & sensible.